Want to Know More Before You Order? No Problem!

As we work with only the most reasonable and intelligent customers (we don’t choose our clientele – it just happens!), it would be silly of us to expect you to plunge into ordering before learning more about our company, what we do and how we do it. That’s why we’ve complied a short company brochure for you. Here you can get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Custom-writer-help.net. If, when you finish reading this, you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and clarify.

  1. What kind of company is Custom-writer-help.net?
    We are a custom writing company that provides the complete package of services. That is, we write papers from start to finish. Since it is very important for customers to have the ability to customize their orders, we can also provide individual services such as standout paper chapters, paraphrasing, etc.
  2. What kinds of papers are available?
    To see the full list of papers we work with, please consult the ordering form. The most frequently ordered are essays, reports, articles, reviews, presentations with speaker notes, research papers and dissertations. If you don’t see the paper you need on the list, contact our support department and clarify.
  3. Who works on custom papers at Custom-writer-help.net?
    We hire only the most skilled and recognized writers. Some of them are retired teachers and professors, others started doing custom writing right after graduation. In the first case, it is knowledge and expertise that help them write papers at the highest quality level, in the second – it is years and decades of experience.
  4. How is the price defined?
    The price of every order is calculated individually, depending on a few important factors such as its size and urgency level, paper type and difficulty, quality level and a few optional services such as SMS updates. Customers can regulate the price by ordering early to avoid urgency surcharges and applying discounts.
  5. How is the quality of papers checked?
    We run plagiarism checks using the most up-to-date paid-for software. This and only this way can we make sure that our customers get papers of the highest quality. If the paper demonstrates any traces of plagiarized content, we send it back for improvement and penalize the writer.

Have more questions? We will be glad to answer! Contact us right now and we will clarify everything for you.

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